Earth & Life

Evolution is accelerating at an accelerating rate along with Cosmos. Biology commenced the moment quarks first began precipitating from cooling primordial plasma, long before the first star was born. Quarks came into existence on the cooling skin of expanding creation. Their geometrically accelerating speed of separation may have been greater than that of light. There were no photons yet and already biology comes into the story; notice how the attractive force between quarks increases with the distance between them, the opposite is true of everything else, except lovers. An astronomically large distance occurred between quarks almost instantaneously during the cosmic scale big bang of creation. Quarks settle in close like a husband and wife; distance between them makes the heart grow fonder. Pull them apart at your peril. Biology began way back then, long before even hydrogen was born.

The attractive power of far distant quarks dragged cosmos outward in the shortest distance through an inflationary new dimension now called time. It was invented by biological mating urge on the moment; The attraction to join in a union creating something new dragged expansionary Cosmos outward accelerating at an accelerating rate that continues to this day. That original inflationary mating urge manifest itself in cosmic powered biology long before the Earth's sun was born.

This life we experience today is cosmic powered biology manifest as Human. Earth Life that sees and knows Cosmos. It is the artesian source of collected intelligence expressed as constituent power creating state power.

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