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Molti hanno sentito dire che la democrazia rappresentativa funziona esattamente al contrario. Negli Stati Uniti, ad esempio, il senatore Mike Gravel ha fatto una campagna per la presidenza e ha affermato chiaramente l'idea a milioni di persone durante i dibattiti presidenziali. La democrazia rappresentativa funziona a ritroso. Il modo corretto è che le persone usino la loro intelligenza per fare politica e poi il governo organizzi persone e materiali per portare a termine il lavoro.

Perché il mondo degli eventi è così storto oggi? È facile da vedere; dipendenti del governo della democrazia rappresentativa, lavorando con fondazioni, college ed esperti a contratto, progettano sistemi che soddisfino la loro base di donatori. Questa è un'idea completamente comprensibile nei vecchi governi rappresentativi funzionanti a ritroso.

A modern functional government provides organizational support for what the people decide to do. A functional government organizes accomplishment of policies created democratically by the distributed intelligence of a nation's people. The same idea works for cities, unions and cooperative business.

Now this site is a constituent assembly that picks a contest winner. Someday, somewhere, it may help constitute a state. Philosophy of Democracy developed and used here determined that constituents of a society are bound by solidarity in a goal to live well while caring for Earth and a healthy future. Oligarchs prey on society and are therefor not real social constituents. Oligarchs are crafty yet usually only muster 14 to 17% real support, the rest is smoke and mirrors.

Modern expressions of Latin American constituent power exist forever at the center of state power it constitutes. An example seven facet state is illustrated above.

Philosophical Roots - examples of welcome by the young

"Postmaterial values have taken root in Bogota as elsewhere and the widespread rejection of bullfighting is a manifestation of these new concerns. In 2015, a survey revealed 81 percent of Bogota's residents were against bullfighting. At the lower and middle socioeconomic levels, rejection rose to 83 percent and 84 percent, respectively, in contrast to 50 percent at the upper level. Bullfighting was rejected by 86 percent of young people between 18 and 25 in contrast to 69 percent among those 55 and older.” Page 136, Latin American Studies, Issue 234, September, 2020, Post Material Conflicts In The Andes

Below is a definitional excerpt from Latin American Studies, It opens discussion of constituted and constituent power; issue 229, p 76, by Carys Hughes

"In a growing body of literature, this approach has been characterized as a new constitutional model offering an alternative view of the relationship between state and society.

"The new Latin American constitutionalism is based on an appeal to and operationalization of the democratic component within constitutional theory: constituent power. First introduced in the context of the French Revolution by Emmanuel Sieyes, the theory of constituent power distinguishes between "constituted power" (the state, its offices, institutions, and procedures) and "constituent power" (the people; the force that created the state and remains the ultimate source of its legitimacy). (Sewell, 1994) Sieyes argued that it was the people who had power over the structure and nature of the state. The theory became, as one historian put it, "a script for the revolution." (Sewell, 1994: 53) and provided the theoretical basis for the creation of the national constituent assembly in July, 1789 that drew up the first written French constitution.

"Constituent power remains an important concept in liberal constitutional theory. The notion of an original "founding moment" when the state was created by the constituent power functions as the source of the legitimacy and authority for the ongoing constitutional order. However, after this founding moment, the constituted power is understood to have replaced the constituent power (Colón-Rios, 2012). In the new Latin American constitutionalism, the concept of constituent power is resurrected and employed by governments and theorists alike to explain and legitimate radical structural change through democratic politics."

p 77 ... the new Latin American constitutionalism envisions the potential for a more complicated, nuanced, and ultimately productive relationship between constituted and constituent power... Critics of the new Latin American constitutionalism who decry the abandonment of "established institutions", ... fail to capture the "dynamic interplay" between state and society, constituted and constituent power. Latin American Studies. issue 229, p 76, by Carys Hughes

Jérôme Métellus explained french yellow vests as spring 2019 approached; "The citizen's initiative referendum (ric) has emerged as the central democratic theme for the yellow vests. It's principle is simple; If a sufficient number of citizens so request, a referendum will be held on any matter of public interest: law, the constitution, dismissal of an elected representative, and so on."

A second realization emerged from the distributed intelligence of France as weeks turned into months and then years; A state bank similar to the State Bank of North Dakota is also necessary for a well functioning and happy society.

2021 is the third third year to the French people's struggle for actual democracy and a people's permanent constituent assembly. This is a new form of government. The street scene is calmer but has been chaotic. Police and fire crews were briefly brawling with each other in the streets, for example, in uniform. Change is in the air; Imagine a new independence day for France. Imagine living as part of a new modern government directed by autonomous democracy; People organizing and living as a new system of government that heals Earth with human compassion and more fun.

Summer Solstice 2021 included a French election with the lowest participation in history. Established political party power centers did not offer candidates that concentrate on what the people see as important. What will happen next? Ce qui sera sera. What will be will be. It will be interesting no matter what.

While France is an old country, biology is ancient.* Biology in this analysis predates birth of the first sun by a long time in human years. This idea is central because the trajectory of nations at this time is human extinction by war or environmental collapse. Cosmic powered biology manifests as the power of the people in a constituent assembly. A leaderless constituent assembly expresses the collected intelligence of a group or nation.

Explore and contribute to what distributed intelligence knows about each facet of a seven facet government. A related voting tool is working fairly well as an example. The tool is a distiller of distributed intelligence. It has been made to assist collective visualization, similar to an old-fashioned applause meter from the last century. This site and the voting tool are designed to eventually work together. They practice with art and await input from distributed intelligence.

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