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Example Seven Facet State


1. Full cost & public good market balance
facet two = Executive function
facet three ensures justice in law
facet four = Legislative function
facet five = Judicial function
facet six ensures complete accurate information
facet seven = Constituent assembly is collected intelligence expressed
Human Earth Life manifest as cosmic powered biology focuses at life speed

seven facet org chart

Jérôme Métellus explained french yellow vests as spring 2019 approached; "The citizen's initiative referendum (ric) has emerged as the central democratic theme for the yellow vests. It's principle is simple; If a sufficient number of citizens so request, a referendum will be held on any matter of public interest: law, the constitution, dismissal of an elected representative, and so on."

A second realization emerged from the distributed intelligence of France as weeks turned into months and then into half of a year; A state bank similar to the State Bank of North Dakota is also necessary.

2020 brings a second year to the French struggle for actual democracy and a constituent assembly form of government. Police and fire crews are brawling with each other in the streets, in uniform. Change is in the air; Imagine a new independence day for France. Imagine living as part of a new seven facet government directed by autonomous democracy, the focused intelligence of people organizing and living as a new system of government that heals Earth with human rights and more fun.

Editor, Garrett Tobin Connelly