Constituent Assembly

Six Contests - Six 50Prizes

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1. Best lively up song
2. Best Rap
3. Best short story
4. Best poem
5. Best visual art
6. Best solution to avoid extinction

Visual Art system test
mostly from Vietnam/US war era

Each numbered contest connects to an index of entries for the category. They are viewed, read or listened to, from the links above. You are invited to vote your preferences. Use the supplied autonomous democracy voting tool. It is similar to an applause meter from the 1950's era. Use back arrow to help navigate. Every one arranges their preferences using the autonomous democracy voting tool called the Distiller. The art system test above gives good practice. Drag a selection to a new place to start. That is how winners are selected... 50€ for most popular entry in each category. Log in sets up full operation.

The Distiller voting tool works most smoothly with a list of eight or less choices, for this reason there may be more than one list for some categories. We will cross that river of creativity when we come to it. Drag any one of the choices up or down position to start the distiller of distributed intelligence.

Songs; please include an english translation, during this start-up phase.

Email entries via;
Contest-Manager at

Constituent assembly contests are established to help give voice to those not usually heard from. One may register preferences for each contest using the voting tool known as "Distiller," It's function is to distill our preferences so we may choose our favorite and see where we fit in with each other. You may sign in and change your vote as many times as you wish until the contest closes. Click individual contests above to enjoy and participate in the art of autonomous democracy.

This site is set up as a constituent assembly that picks a contest winner. There is no panel of judges. Contestants and anyone who is interested reveal the most popular entries with their personal preferences. There are no entries yet. If the idea catches on and is viewed as fun, each contest allows one to include their preferences and determine the most popular. This idea was used in the early radio entertainment era, a microphone measured applause volume on a meter everyone could see. It was fun then and should be fun now.

Constituent Assembly

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